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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Yeah, it's three days late. That's just how I get down.

Happy New Year people. I had a good 2009 so I thought it's only right to give thanks to everyone who played a part ("you know who you are!" (c) Drake) and/or supported me (massaged my ego) during the past twelve months. I owe you, hopefully in 2010 I'll be able to pay that back with interest.

I was catching up with a friend the other day who enquired as to the people I've been lucky enough to interview or meet in a professional capacity in 2009 (and the parties and screenings and festivals and press night I've been too - I live the high life baby!), and it was a long fucking list, so I know I've been blessed.

Only positive vibes for 2010, you get back what you put out there (no Noel Edmonds). Now I'm off to try and find a Saturdays/Danielle Lloyd/Gemma Atkinson calendar so I don't have to buy one for £99 from eBay. Hopefully seeing Vanessa from The Saturdays on my wall every day will convince the universe to bring her towards me.

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