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Sunday, 24 January 2010

McLean - My Name (VIDEO)

I feel like the production on this overwhelms the vocal just a little bit, and perhaps takes away slightly from what is otherwise a great R&B song. That's just me though, and it's probably only because I've heard it performed acoustically so I know what it REALLY sounds like. This video mix sounds a lot tighter than the demo that's been floating around for a while.

How do you follow a debut like Broken?! McLean's soon to be a superstar though - great vocalist, talented songwriter, and a genuinely nice guy to boot.

As a bonus (and in case the Fraser-esque original is too electro-fied for you) here's the incredible acoustic version that he did for us at Roundhouse Radio.

McLean - My Name (Fresh Cuts Acoustic)

I'm torn between giving this another spin on the show this week or playing the Boy Better Know or Scorcher remixes.

It's released March 3rd which is plenty of time for the track to gain momentum and hopefully get the Radio 1 support it'll need. 25,000 YouTube hits in just over a day is pretty damn impressive.

Am I allowed to feel highly proud of myself that I was spinning Broken waaaay back in 2007?


Anonymous said...

such an amazing tune!! love love love it!!!

Anonymous said...

sick song and video!! written and produced by Slick & Magic - check them out on facebook and twitter!