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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Craig David Launch Party

Listen, my photography skills aren't showing any levels. I just really wanted to try out this Flickr business and embed some slideshows into my posts and ting.

On a separate note, Craig's still got it and can sing his ass off (pause), however the choice of a non-playing band for decoration was such a par. Especially as we'd put the real thing on just a couple of days earlier at the Roundhouse.

The drummer was just playing her cymbals all night. I don't think she even touched the toms or the kick. The guitarist didn't seem to be playing anything even near the chords in the actual songs and don't even get me started on the bass player. On the other hand though, the girl playing bass looked a bit like Cassie and I definitely wouldn't have kicked her out of bed.

And you can't even hype about my blatantly misogyny there because seriously... if you're going to be on stage as a female musician who is part of an "all-female band" and you're not actually playing your instrument and dressed in some skimpy anything, then really it's a self-par situation and I can say what I like.


Anonymous said...

Well, My sister was the guitarist. And yes, she too was miffed that Craigs Management had asked the band to mime. She blows people away with how good she is and hated miming. She also is a hooded top kind of girl and, But I guess when you are self taught, have been playing for nearly 10 years working ridiculously hard, playing in pubs, slowly getting better gigs, getting scammed by scrupulous 'managers', sending out endless samples, coming close to recognition then having it taken away, as is the norm with 'show biz'. If a gig playing with Craig David comes up and then you later find out they want you to mime and wear high shoes, not many people under those circumstances would turn it down. Check her out...

DeeKay said...

Well I wish her the best of luck and genuinely hope the exposure she gets from being in Craig David's band outweighs people's negative reactions to seeing musicians on stage not playing their instruments.

Thanks for giving us the other side of the story. You'd have though that at an industry launch party, the last thing his team would've wanted is to look silly like that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know. I know many fans probably aren't bothered but when playing at an industry event, you would have thought he would want to come accross as a more 'serious' musician. I had to tell my sister to stop moaning about how she was only needed to mime and to reasure her that although it was frustrating for her becasue she knows she is good and would MUCH rather have been playing live, this time last year she was still playing in Birmingham pubs!
I dont know much about live music myself but I guess you dont have to know much to know people are miming and I guess if you want to be taken seriously as an artist, that's not the way to go. Especially when a lot of people might assume girls can't play anyway. So if you find some that can (the Bass player can not by the way, you are right about that) then it's probably better allround to showcase that.