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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Emeli Sande - Never Be Your Woman (Live Acoustic)

Damn. I wasn't totally convinced until now but having seen this, I'm definitely a believer in Emeli Sande. I'm listening to it for what must be the tenth time in half an hour and it still gives me goosebumps. That's the second time in a month that the original version of this song has been rendered utterly irrelevant.

And I'm suddenly very upset I missed her at ILuvLive last month. What a talent. And she's a fourth-year med student! And having just done a bit more YouTube'ing, she's also one hell of a songwriter.

I'm putting it out there now - a Bluey Robinson/Emeli Sande duet needs to happen as soon as possible. A&Rs wake up.

Here's her cover of I Blame Coco's Ceasar just in case you weren't sold yet. On a side note, I like it when singers swear from time to time.

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