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Monday, 8 March 2010

Fresh Cuts Live - First Thoughts

Not on an overly sentimental tip but I can't explain the feeling when I watch this video. It's emotional. I was at the rehearsal and the soundcheck but seeing the crowd's reaction to Bluey is something else. There's no words that sufficiently describe the high regard I hold that boy in and I think everybody in that room, whether they were already fans of him or not left a believer.

All three acts did us proud on that stage and the band were stunning. In all honesty, I have no desire to ORGANISE anything like that again, but it was worth every second of stress (on my mind and my bank balance!). Oh and that crowd was pretty much amazing. That was mine and Chinners' first time on stage, I could definitely get used to that, the crowd gave a lot of love. Bluey introducing me - one of the best thing ever. I hope someone's got that on camera!

Shout to Incisive for the above footage.

This is more of a personal thing because I know 75% of them won't ever read this, but seeing as I couldn't shout you all individually on stage, I need to show love to: Mike, Jack, Paru, Anish, Samiat, Selica, Toni, Jaz, Simran, Kavita, Lawrence, Vim, Ilie and Amir. I hope I didn't forget anyone.

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