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Friday, 25 June 2010

Ciara featuring Andre 3000 and Ludacris - Ride (remix)

"...You wanna give me a taste but don't know how to do it // without feeling like one of many // honey acting like she don't wanna give me any // I said acting like she don't wanna give me any // and I'd do the same thing if I was a Minnie // but I'm a Mickey and that's where it gets tricky..." ( c ) Andre 3000

What?! There's no rapper in the world I'd rather have for a 16 bar guest spot than Andre 3000. Except perhaps Luda who features on the original (and whose verse is rehashed for this epic remix). But Dre's command of language is phenomenal, he's got the best turn of phrase in Hip-Hop.

Let's check out a couple of Andre Benjamin's best recent features.

Lloyd featuring Andre 3000 and Nas - You (remix)

His bars on this make up one of my favourite verses of all time (3:08 in):

Devin The Dude featuring Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000 - What A Job

"...See we do it for that boy that graduated // that looked you in your eyes real tough and said 'preciate it // and that he wouldn'ta made it if it wasn't for your CD, number 9 // and he's standing with his baby momma Kiki and she cryin', talking 'bout // that they used to get high to me in high school // and they used to make love to me in college // then they told me 'bout they first date, listenin' to my tunes // and how he, liked her finger nail polish..."

Infinite reloads this morning alone.

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