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Sunday, 27 June 2010

"I'm feeling like Dizzee at the Mercurys, Mega at the MOBOs // Feeling like a Pharaoh, dripping in my rose gold..." ( c ) Scorcher

Scorcher - It's My Time

So how we feeling? Is Skywalker gonna be the next member of "Team UK" to get the call up?

Apart from that cheesy chorus, this isn't actually overly bait. And at least he's saying something, unlike a lot of these "UK Urban" singles that have dropped thus far.

I like Scorch, I hope he makes it through. I'm not yet totally convinced this single is going to be the one that does it (but if Radio 1 takes to it then who knows), but I'm pretty sure that he'll get there sooner or later.

BTW, a few people have got beef with this idea of Team UK. I'm really not with alla that, Team UK all day. They've made me a million times prouder than the England team, at least our guys play with some pride, they worked hard to get there and they're not lazy or complacent.

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