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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bluey Robinson - F*ck You (Live @ The Roundhouse) (VIDEO)

Bluey Robinson tore up the main space at the Roundhouse today as part of Turning Point Festival. His entire set was one extended highlight, and there's a few more videos to come (when I return from the makeshift 'weekend' away I'm taking up north until Tuesday) but I wanted to post these visuals of him performing a slightly less rude version of his massive Cee-Lo remix.

I'll go say a bit more about Turning Point in general and Bluey's performance specifically whenever I post those other videos (amongst which is a sick cover of Teenage Dirtbag) but you'll see from the above how well he commands the stage. That's one aspect of his performance that's improved every time I've seen him live - by the time he's at the stage where he's rocking massive festival crowds and arenas he's going to be a beast of a live performer.

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Anonymous said...

It's jus a kinda fact that bluey IS the best !!!!