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Saturday, 11 September 2010

"A lifetime of dreaming, visualising paradise // I woke up, and rolled over and told my girl we're leaving..." ( c ) Devlin

Devlin featuring Yasmin - Runaway

Powerful music.

"As the carriage pulls away // I pull my lady closer and I tell her she's okay // Because if we never broke the barricades today we'd always be afraid..."

The way Devlin's developed as an artist from four years ago to now is so refreshing to see. He's the prototype for how raw lyrical talent can develop into a complete (and mainstream-friendly) package.

And when you look at the crap some of his contemporaries have released on major labels, it looks like his project's been handled phenomenally. This might be commercial but it sure as fuck isn't cheese. From the beat to Yasmin's classy vocals to Devlin's poignant bars, Runaway is a case study on how to make quality mainstream "Urban" music.

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