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Saturday, 11 September 2010

N-Dubz - Best Behaviour (VIDEO)

At this point nobody should be surprised to learn that I genuinely love N-Dubz right? And not just on an "I fancy Tulisa" vibe, I really do enjoy (most of) their music, support their stuff on the radio and regularly argue with Chinners about them.

This is the fourth or fifth time N-Dubz have subtly adjusted their image - this time I presume it's to make them more friendly to the States where they've recently signed to the legendary Def Jam. The sound is subtly different too - they've dropped or toned down some of the N-Dubz-isms that made them jarring to more than a few people.

Anyway, this is alright. There's a couple of cringeworthy lyrics, but it's generally relatively inoffensive. Basically, until/unless they do something to directly piss me off, I'm going to stay supporting N-Dubz. Despite what the media might have you believe, they're good, humble and down-to-earth people with genuine talent who (a lot of people seem to forget) kicked down the door of the UK music scene for all of these artists to flood through. Personally I want them to win.

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