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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

RockCorps Allstars (Bashy, Wretch 32, Bluey Robinson, Cleo Sol, Davinche, Roll Deep and Aggro Santos) - Give A Little Love

The involvement of Bluey, Cleo Sol and Davinche means that even if this was mad cheesy it still would've gotten my support. As is, it's not too bad at all and RockCorps are doing alot. I've got a lot of love for what they're all about. Fingers crossed that when this drops on 10th October it'll go Top 40. I'm slyly hoping for Top 10 but I can't see it just yet.

On a side note, who wrote Davinche's bars?! His flow is kinda crazy, I didn't think the boy had it in him. He comes better than at least three of the actual full-time rappers who spit on this (Bashy and Wretch killed it a bit).

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