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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

N-Dubz featuring Loick Essien - Girls (remix)

"She can be Egyptian, Morrocan, Indian or Russian, it don't really matter..."
- Dun know.

Loick adds his vocals to N-Dubz's new single. Really he should've remixed the whole track because his 30 seconds on this are the best thing about it, and there's not enough of this kind of adding R&B flavour to big tracks from the top-tier UK vocalists in my opinion. Just Cherri V doing it really. Someone needs to come along and run away with people's instrumentals the way Trey Songz does over in the States.

Anyway, enjoy. This kid is gifted. I only realised recently but he sounds a bit like Usher too. Tonally I guess.

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