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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Nicki Minaj - SB.TV Interview

I swear, that English accent she does is so fucking hot. I really don't know why that's attractive, but it is. Just me that was weak at the knees at the weekend when Westwood taught her the word 'par' and she kept saying it? ...I've got issues.

Nicki REALLY reminds me of someone I know, I'm not going to say who on the off-chance she both reads this and finds the comparison unflattering, but everything from their mannerisms to their facial expressions to their physical appearance are so much alike. It's a little worrying considering Nicki's playing a character, but to be fair I thought it when I first saw this interview years ago.

As you can tell, Nicki's not playing insane here so it's not a par.

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