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Friday, 28 January 2011

VIDEO: Dot Rotten (@ItsDotRotten) - Thunder (#VolumeControl #1)

So when Hyperfrank brought this idea to me a few months ago, I knew straight away she was on to a winner. Simple concept that would engage Grime fans and give them an opportunity to have just the right amount of creative control.

Fast forward to last week, and she brought Dot Rotten into the Roundhouse Studios to vocal Beat Geeks' Nightmare. Real talk, from the second Dot started putting down that hook it was obvious he wasn't playing. He wrote two of the three verses on the spot and recorded the whole track in about two hours - by the end of the session it was becoming apparent that this wasn't an ordinary recording session; Dot was making a Grime anthem.

Here we are a week later and the track's just received its first play on Semtex's 1Xtra show (complete with a couple of reloads and a big co-sign). I'm spinning it on Fresh Cuts tomorrow (alongside Hyperfrank talking to Dot, exclusively for Roundhouse Radio, about the project, his involvement in it and the track) and I'd be massively surprised if it doesn't reappear on 1Xtra over the weekend and make its Kiss debut on Monday night. That's a serious start for this project and things are only going to get bigger.

One last word - whilst we were in the studio, Dot played me a track from his forthcoming album. It's fucked. Genuine Radio 1 A-List business, without a cheesy hook or any euro-pop techno bullshit. Watching him work in the studio and chatting to him a bit, it's clear he's meticulous with a smart head on his shoulders. Watch what he does in 2011.

Actually, real last word - big up Hyperfrank. That right there is how you have a great idea, then make it happen, then get it played on 1Xtra. Big.

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